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"…Jeb Barry is one of those singer-songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in Heartworn Highway... "   Paul Jackson Fatea Magazine UK 

The new double-disc release…      texas, etc…


Disc One: The Sainted ...T he full band disc. Rough and tumble acoustic driven ‘hard-dirt Americana’….reminiscent of the early Stones mixed with some Jason Isbell (who Jeb co-wrote a song “When The Ball Dropped” which will be on the next release) 

1. Trouble Down In Tennessee 2. The Girl Never Loved Me 3. Galveston ‘92 4. Miss Mississippi 5. If This Heart Had Walls  6. Home 7. Chainsmoker 8. Gravel Roads And Whiskey Bars 9. Sad Song 10. Keep The Devil Away 

Disc Two: The Saintless    More sparser, singer-songwriter orientated… 

1. A Little Mercy 2. Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (Feat. Heather Austin) 3. Evidence 4. I Can’t Live In Houston Anymore 5. Southern Oak 6. El Paso Sucks 7. You Don’t Ever Miss Me 8. Everybody Knows 9. Refugees 


The Band 

Jeb Barry – all songs, lead vocals, guitars, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, bass, resonator
 Michael O’Neill - guitars, vocals, mandolin 
Chris Sampson - bass 
Josh Pisano - drums 

Who the hell is Jeb Barry? 

Nashville published songwriter Jeb Barry currently resides in the Berkshire Hills in New England, where he sometimes performs with Sarah Lee Guthrie’s Hoping Machine ensemble. Jeb is an award winning songwriter with past major label interest…he currently writes and performs solo or with the group, and has been repeat performer at the Freshgrass Bluegrass and Roots Festival, Hudson Music Fest, The Bluebird Café, and Club Passim, to name a few. There’s a lot more things we could say, but we can get into that later so as not to bore you. His 2016 release, Milltown, was a critical success in Europe, making several top ten lists. Jeb first gained major label (Gary Gersh/Cindi Peters at DGC) attention in the last 1980's and early 1990's in the power pop group The Typicals. 

Contact the band at…                                Tel 413-743-0839                                                                                  Twitter @JebBarry_songs

"...sparse, weary, hard dirt Americana....think of a combination of Steve Earle, Jason Isbell (co-writer of Jeb's song "When the Ball Dropped") and Joe Fletcher..."

No computers were used in any of the recordings  


Random Highlights 

*Played the Freshgrass Roots and Bluegrass Festival, Club passim Festival, Nashville dates, etc...
* European airplay and 4 star reviews for the cd Milltown 
Finished recording texas, etc...  the new double cd
*Played the Freshgrass Roots and Bluegrass Festival for the second year
*National and European airplay and 4 star reviews for the cd Milltown
More Nashville shows...
*Released Milltown and the single “Milltown #2” 
*Added more songs to his published tally...including seven off of Milltown 
*Began recording two new cds in the early winter
*Nationwide and European radio airplay for Bury Me In A  Lonely Place 
*Signed his first Nashville publishing deal after two year effort 
*Performed at  the Freshgrass Festival Hudson Music Fest, Chesterfield Americana  Fest 
*Summer tour with more Nashville slots 
*Released two new solo eps 
*Nashville Tour II...Several dates including the the Bluebird Cafe's Sunday Songwriter Showcase  
*Performed across New England, including the Chesterwood Americana Music Series 
*Co-wrote a song with Jason Isbell...via Twitter 
*Named a "Songwriter to Watch" twice by the Nashville Songwriters Association  
       (Had first two songs submitted recommended for Pitch to  Publisher Luncheon..then stopped submitting them) 
*His group, Pawn Shop Saints,, released the EP. Dead Broke and Dangerous with all songs by Jeb. 
* Hudson Music Fest and  Club Passim's Camp Fire Fest …Friday Night headliner  
Began playing music again
*Jeb was a finalists in the Early Bird round of the 2011 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest  for the    
      second year in a row



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