"…Jeb Barry is one of those singer-songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in Heartworn Highway... " ”

— Paul Jackson FateaMagazine UK


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The Pawn Shop Saints , led by songwriter Jeb Barry, play sparse, and I do mean sparse, acoustic based 'hard dirt' Americana. 
If you like Steve Earle, Townsend, or Jason Isbell (who Jeb co-wrote the song "New Year's Eve, Somewhere In The Midewest") then you know where they are coming from musically.. Rounding out the Pawn Shop Saints are Mike O’Neill on guitar and backing vocals and Josh Pisano on drum, with Chris Samson playing bass.                                                
ordinary folks is the groups third release (sandwiched around two Jeb solo releases; Milltown and Bury Me In A Lonely Place) and follows on the heels of 2018’s critical and charting European success of texas, inc…, which spent three months on the Euro Americana charts, peaking at #3.


A prolific songwriter, Jeb Barry has written over 4500 songs that roam through all styles of music. His more recent songs have been compared to Steve Earle, Jason Isbell and Townes Van Zandt,  ….sparse, weary songs of the darker side of life. Americana at its simplest, and finest. In 2014 Jeb signed his first publishing contract with Washington Street Publishing in Nashville after two years of pitching songs. Since then he had over a dozen songs added to his publishing tally. 
Jeb is a regular performer in Nashville, especially at the Bluebird Café.  He and the Saints have also performed at Club Passim, the Hudson Music Fest, Chesterwood Americana Fest, Club Helsinki, and are repeat performers at the Freshgrass Music Festival each fall…just to name a few… 

more quotes at the Praise for texas, etc... page


The new album.... ordinary folks    

Available on all streaming and downloading services, cd, and a damn good chance on vinyl in January 2021. 

The new Pawn Shop Saints album ordinary folks, is 9 songs of ordinary, and maybe not so ordinary, people, is the follow-up to 2018’s double album (and Euro Americana #3 charting) texas, etc… Two years ago Jeb wrote 50 songs in 50 days while traveling  south and Appalachian sections of the US, including three he wrote in a Nashville hotel room. 
“I have spent years driving around the eastern half of the country, especially to the Carolina’s and to Nashville, trying to become a respected musician. (Not sure I’ve accomplished this yet LOL) I began pulling off the interstates to hit the small towns where ordinary people live. You can drive a couple of miles and find other world, mostly small towns with non-brand name convenient stores, bars and chicken joints.” 
“ I found myself interacting with the people that live there more and more, and found out that I was too quick to judge them as less than the hard working folks they were. Most were just ordinary folks trying to get through life’s hard times. These people are reflected in songs such as “Southern Mansions: and “You Don’t Know The Cumberland” . I then found myself writing about the similarities we all have, and not so much focusing on the differences.” 

Recording began last summer, but was shelved to record an ep (unreleased.. look for a 2021 release). Then an eye injury  to Jeb halted recording for a few months, and the Covid pandemic shut down the studio with 90% of the album completed. Recording was finished once restrictions eased, but only one person was allowed in the studio at a time, which made for slow going. And unfortunately some guest musicians had to be scratched due to health concerns.

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Contact and Links

Booking: 413-822-8947      jeb@jebbarry.com        Twitter: @JebBarry_songs                www.facebook.com/jebbarrysongs

Live Sound Tech Rider

Live Sound Tech Rider


1.  Jeb Barry: lead vocals ,acoustic  guitar....will supply mic and Fisher Spectrum DI

2.  Josh Pisano: drums, no vocals

3. guitar

4. bass

Will supply all back line except PA

Frontline should consist of two monitors minimum.

If the venue is unable to provide any of the equipment above, please contact jeb@jebbarry.com  so we can coordinate other arrangements.


LInks to songs for reference: https://soundcloud.com/jebbarry

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