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  1. Memorial Day

Recording live, take 2, in the Attic Studios


Memorial Day
Once a year they put a flag on your grave
Then walk away, then walk away
They don’t even bother to know your name
Or the price you paid, the price you paid
Nobody thinks about what you could’ve been
If you had made it back home
Your mama died with a broken heart
Your dad he died alone
Once a year they give a speech and a short parade
And taps are played, taps are played
Old vets in lawn chairs in the shade
Stare into space, into space
A 21 gun salute rings in their ears
Flashbacks to what is was like back then
It’s the last thing, they need to hear
Here come those demons again
Now there’s grass growing over the stone, of a
Man I didn’t know, I didn’t know
Just a photograph of a boy in uniform
Before I was born, before I was born
All these flags will fade in time
Become tattered with age
Like that old photograph
And the letters mama saved