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MILLTOWN was on the TIPS section on the European Americana Charts for December..just off the charts 
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“When Jeb Barry began recording over 40 songs for what was to be a double cd, he began to notice a common theme of small town despair and tragedy. He realized a lot of the songs were about hard times in a small milltown, much like the one he was born and raised in, and much like the towns he traveled through during the past few years seeking to establish a solo performer and songwriting career. Many of the songs were directly related to that small, long gone milltown, with few prospects and fewer rewards, or the people who live in them. He discovered in his travels that there are more than a few of these depressed towns in the United States. And each one has its own stories to tell.”
      Greylock Glass July 2015  INDIEcent Exposure: Episode #5— Jeb Barry, "Milltown"


."... A beautiful album..."
Jean-Jacques Corrio
Le Cri du CoyoteFrench magazine)
 "....Barry sings in a weary, gravelly voice that fits the words well and the support musicians slot superbly into the songs with ...Mike O’Neill (guitar, Dobro) and Heather Austin (vocals) all adding understated support ..."
Paul McGee Lonesome Highway E-Zine

"...a countrified Springsteen..."
R2 Rock'N'Reel, UK magazine​   

Artist of the Week
March 27
Musik Fra Kyst Til Kyst, Danish radio

"...compared to the ikes of Steve Earle and Jason Isbell though I think he was more reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt..."
Hans Bloom
Dala Demokraten (Swedish Newspaper)

4 out of 5 Stars
"...Townes Van Zandt would smile... fifteen splendid songs are all written by Barry, who has a nice gritty voice...." 

John Gjaltema at Alt-Country NL

"...A really great songwriter and musician...
...In addition to the music we should give attention to the lyrics, too, because it is a great life experience of human philosophical thoughts appear in them...."

Michael Czékus at Gondula.HU

"***Rating - 8 out of 10***.......not always cheerful, often slow and quiet, but never dull or boring, with an enticing rarefied atmosphere that makes the songs catch you and you want to listen to the entire CD in one go ..."​
Peter Jacobs at Muziekwereld

"...Sometimes his songs seem to get a hint of depression about them,  but are never boring....this singer-songwriter continues to fascinate over the whole album.​"
Freddie at Rootsville

"...the standout, harmonica haunts‘If You Were Whiskey’ Cohen, Townes and other poets of wounded souls, Barry understands the often forlorn beauty of despair and misery and the catharsis and sense of not being alone that these songs can bring..."
Mike Davis Online Webzine

    "Jeb Barry is one of those archetypal American Singer Songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in 'Heartworn Highway'.....  it is hard to think of anything more authentically American than wandering into The Bluebird Café in Nashville and catching a set from Jeb Barry.​" 
Paul Jackson Fatea Magazine UK 

"...magnificent album.."
Holly Moors...Moors Magazine  The Netherlands 

"If you are a fan of Chris Knight and the like you're really going to like this album"
Scorcher Shane, Gilded Palace Radio Show  UK

"... Jeb's fifteen songs bring the atmosphere of life in those near-ghost towns. Everything is in there: the loneliness, the desolation of weather, evening in the pub, a job with no future...a very talented songwriter...”
Dani Heyvaert - online magazine

"...brilliant music..."      
Freddy Celis at Rootstime Magazine

4****  Very good indeed!
"...One of the most pleasant musical surprises of the past weeks was to me "Milltown"....Naked beauties of songs like "If You Where Whiskey" or "Drag The River" and you will immediately understand why we were here as a promoter of Barry's material... highly original way with thorny themes as a relationship-specific drinking problem and suicide ...certainly a winner...."
CTRL. ALT. COUNTRY Ezine - Belgium  

"Your songs are a roadtrip through a wide open landscape.."  
Jan Willem Bos at HavenstadFM radio Delfzijl, Netherlands

"...Jeb Barry brings shadows to life on Milltown..." 
The Alternate Root

 "Incredible songwriting....Your voice , lyrics  and acoustic attitude are timeless..."  
          Rock and Roll Circus - Madrid, Spain

“...awesome album...”  
Radio Terneuzen FM/

“'ve got somegem on the new cd...”  
Washington Street Publishing , Nashville

"...Your lyrics paint a picture of life lived on the fringes, but there is a faint hopefulness in your delivery....I think you have the same gift for storytelling that some of America's best artists possess..."
Tom Williams

" a mixture of Jason Isbell and Steve Earle...and then some..." 
Roots Review


The Stories Behind the Songs

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