Solo version of the Pawn Shop Saints song, "Body in the River"..from the Ep "Bury Me In A Lonely Place"


Body In The River

There’s a body in the river
Ain’t nobdy sayin’ who
Folks ‘round here just don’t consider
Yankees, cowards, whores or fools

Water’s been rising, for a week now, Rain keeps coming, every day
Bridges out of town are shut down, Half the farm has, washed away
Open up the back door, pack up the Ford
And keep one eye on the dam

There’s a body in the river……

Half the town’s sandbaggin’ levees, Other half’s too poor to care
Preacher screeching ‘bout the deluge, Sheriff’s got a drunken stare
Since the mines shut, the men get high too much
And the women won’t complain