ORDINARY FOLKS lp Coming December 11th

Available on all streaming and downloading services, cd, and a damn good chance on vinyl in January 2021. 

The new Pawn Shop Saints album ordinary folks, is 9 songs of ordinary, and maybe not so ordinary, people, and is the follow-up to 2018’s double album (and Euro Americana #3 charting) texas, etc… 

Two years ago Jeb wrote 50 songs in 50 days while traveling  south and Appalachian sections of the US, including three he wrote in a Nashville hotel room. 

“I have spent years driving around the eastern half of the country, especially to the Carolina’s and to Nashville, trying to become a respected musician. (Not sure I’ve accomplished this yet LOL) I began pulling off the interstates to hit the small towns where ordinary people live. You can drive a couple of miles and find other world, mostly small towns with non-brand name convenient stores, bars and chicken joints.” 

“ I found myself interacting with the people that live there more and more, and found out that I was too quick to judge them as less than the hard working folks they were. Most were just ordinary folks trying to get through life’s hard times. These people are reflected in songs such as “Southern Mansions: and “You Don’t Know The Cumberland” . I then found myself writing about the similarities we all have, and not so much focusing on the differences.” 

Recording began last summer, but was shelved to record an ep (unreleased..look for a 2021 release) 

Then an eye injury  to Jeb halted recording for a few months, and the covid pandemic shut down the studio with 90% of the album completed. Recording was finished once restrictions eased, but only one person was allowed in the studio at a time, which made for slow going. And unfortunately some guest musicians had to be scratched due to health concerns.

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Reviews of ordinary folks

Kevin Bryan Review   Kevin’s reviews are syndicated to up to approx. 90 other regional UK newspaper 

The Pawn Shop Saints' sparse and unadorned brand of Americana has prompted favourable comparisons with iconic figures such as Steve Earle and Townes van Zandt in the past, and their latest offering, "ordinary folks," showcases the excellent New England trio at their most compelling. The lyrical content was inspired by a rambling journey that creative mainstay Jeb Barry made around the Appalachian sections of the U.S. a few years ago, reflecting the everyday struggles of the inhabitants of small town America in what have become increasingly troubled times. "Body in the River" and "New Year's Eve, Somewhere in the Midwest" capture the essence of the Saints' refreshingly honest approach to music-making.      Kevin Bryan 

Appeared in…. Original Rock.net  https://originalrock.net/2020/10/20/the-pawn-shop-saints-ordinary-folks/?fbclid=IwAR0uX18sbv8-nXNX4YYmMZjNJ9gJXEwzYLqSgdKXbAtsj76cJ-qsuooMFbY



Review by Stephen Rapid  https://www.lonesomehighway.com/music-reviews/2020/10/29/new-album-reviewsb

In the reverse of the usual way these things go, singer/songwriter/producer/player Jeb Barry has removed his name as a prefix to the band name. So this new album offers 9 songs of downbeat deliverances on the ordinary people he has encountered while carrying out his living as a working musician. He made a conscious decision during this time to detour and to visit small towns and the people and places that lived there.

They open with a story of a particular state of mind that comes from living in Cumberland, highlighting the nature of the depression that exists now in that area. You Don’t Know The Cumberland, as with many here, has something of a melancholy disposition at heart. That may be because of Barry’s laid back but highly impressionistic vocal. It feels right for the songs and their subjects, as if he is letting these people have their place in the songs as against a showboating presentation. The band of Barry on guitar, bass and banjo is joined by Michael O’Neill on guitar and vocals, Josh Pisano playing drums and bassist Chris Samson. The offer a detailed and light-touch approach to the backings that allow each song its own breath.

Old Men, New Trucks kind of speaks for itself in its consideration of the two. Body In The River has an upbeat riff and tempo that contrast with the subject matter. Southern Mansions looks at the buildings that sit on hills off the interstate that probably belong to a different era - there is talk of better days but acknowledgment that the people who live there are open and friendly enough to tell a story when approached and yet recognise that things “could always be worse.”

Also graced by a structure that is memorable, Ain’t No Mama Here again is not the cheeriest of subject matters but still manages to feel hopeful in spite of that. Pack A Day deals with that habit leading to a slow self-destruction but that inevitability being in some ways a means of a temporary relief. Dry River Song is again about locality, but with the hope of romance entwined. Lynyrd Skynyrd is tribute to the band that was a growing-up favourite, that offered respite from the bullying that was suffered for being an awkward skinny kid. It is again set to a low key distinctly non-Southern Rock beat and backing. It works all the more poignantly for that.

There is one song here not written by Barry alone and that is New Year’s Eve, Somewhere In The Midwest which he co-wrote with Jason Isbell, and which fits in with the overall nature of the “ordinary folk” who inhabit this album.

Jeb Barry produced, recorded and mixed this album which was delayed by the pandemic during recording, as well as by an eye injury he suffered during its recording. It is noted that Covid restricted the process and meant that some proposed guests were unable to participate. However there is an end product that is in itself both rewarding and restorative because of or despite of that.


Moors Magazine 


The Pawn Shop Saints is an American band that revolves around singer / songwriter Jeb Barry , who writes strong songs about ordinary, but on closer inspection a bit less ordinary Americans. The arrangements are quite rudimentary, but always fit perfectly with the songs, all of which were written by Barry, except two, which he wrote with his colleague singer / songwriter Jason Isbell. 

Ordinary Folks was released on their own label DollyRocker Records, and thanks to an eye wound and then corona, it took a little longer for the album to be completed as the studio closed temporarily. After that, only one person was allowed in at a time, which made it all a bit more difficult. You can't hear that from it, because it all sounds fantastic. Besides Barry on vocals and guitar you can hear Mike O'Neill on guitars and backing vocals, Josh Pisano on drums and Chris Samson on bass. Oh, and the man in the hat is Barry. 

AIRPLAY IN EUROPE   "ordinary folks" Europe Airplay Oct 10-27 

1. John Carmichael Radio Show Scotland BBC 

2. The Criffle Creek Radio Show on Alive 107.3 - Radio Dumfries Scotland 

3. UNDERCOVER Radio Capelle, Netherlands 

4. The Country File Delfzijl, Netherlands 

7. Elastic Plastic Radio Show Spain 

8. Friends In Low Places 107.5 FM North Lancashire Beyond Radio , England 

9. The Blue Moon Raidió na Gaeltachta, Ireland 

10. After Midnight Radio Show 103.2 Dublin City FM Dublin Ireland 

11. DELTA RHYTHM Netherlands 

12. Happy Family Show Netherlands) 

13. HILLBILLY JUKEBOX Wiesbaden, Germany 

14. FOLKAL POINT Edinburg, Scotland 

15. Blueprint Netherlands 

16. The Late Show', Mearns FM, South Aberdeenshire, Scotland 

17. Landslide - The Rootsy Mix Netherlands 

18. Mike Ganley's Crooked Road - Swindon 105.5 England 

19 The BluesnRoots Corner Radio Duivenstraat Netherlands 

20. Richard Leader Music - Leader's American Pie 107fm @MeridianFM England 

21. Anything Goes Moorlands Radio Broadcasting to the Staffordshire, England 

22. Acoustic Routes on Blues And Roots Radio Wales UK