"…Jeb Barry is one of those singer-songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in Heartworn Highway... "   Paul Jackson Fatea Magazine UK 

The new album WEEDS
released July 21st  2023

Band Bio 
U.S. based Pawn Shop Saints, led by critically acclaimed songwriter Jeb Barry, plays sparse, weary, hard dirt Americana....think of a combination of Steve Earle, Jason Isbell, Drive By Truckers..and maybe a little John Prine 

The Pawn Shop Saints are… 

    Jeb Barry: songs, lead vocals, guitar, bass, resonator, banjo 
    Josh Pisano: drums, vocals, percussion 
     Mike O’Neill: guitar, backing vocals       
     Amy Attias: fiddle 
     Tony Pisano  accordion

Webpage: www.jebbarry.com   Contact: jeb@jebbarry.com 

 "…Jeb Barry is one of those singer-songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in Heartworn Highway...  "     Paul Jackson Fatea Magazine UK 


The new album WEEDS    

Available everywhere on July 21st 2023. 

This is the Pawn Shop Saints ‘folk’ album…..Thirteen songs of emotional loss….a little pain…but not necessarily sadness….Several songs were written in tribute to John Prine and his style of folk music. 

The Pawn Shop Saints ever changing line-up is currently Jeb Barry (songs, guitars, bass, vocals, whatever..) and Josh Pisano (drums, vocals, percussion) with help from Michael O’Neill (guitars, vocals) , Tony Pisano (accordion) and Amy Attias (fiddle) 

You could call this a pandemic album #3 (With ordinary folks and Ride My Galaxy) ….since a lot of it is connected to the last couple of years …but there is more to it than that…give it a couple of listens and you will see the subtleties seeping through 

Once again,  Jeb Barry has created 13 mini movies for the mind as he explores the world during pandemic and afterwards. Most of the songs were written, and many recorded, during the 2020-21 pandemic. The result is not necessarily songs directly related to the pandemic (though some are) but stories of loss from a time when we all experienced some sort of loss. 

Jeb’s songwriting has often been compared to the styles of Jason Isbell, Townes Van Zandt,  and Steve Earle, and this new album retains those aspects, but also the likes of such songwriters as Patterson Hood (The Drive By Truckers) and BJ Barham (American Aquarium). 

Sound wise, the album retains the live, edgy, rough and tumble feel of the production of the likes of Dave Cobb with Jeb’s own production style. 

Think of the Lumineers mixed with the a little Prine… with a dash of Isbell and Hood.      

The Songs

Chelsea Off My Mind   --An acoustic power popish song with hints of Elvis Costello..we always have at least one Big Star-ish song
on the album, even a folky album as this. 

Weeds     --A sparse, acoustic folky song held down with a slide guitar lick… Prine song attempt #1 

Southern Drawl In Heaven     --An eerie song of escape…from seemingly oppressive places, relationships, and expectations…with                                                           a Southern feel… 

Generation Lockdown     --A topical song about the plague of school shootings in America…and how little is done to stop them,                                                       with an acoustic  punkish edge…since Jeb is a teacher in his day job (music still doesn’t pay the bills                                                      (lol)   It’s a subject he lives with every day. 

The Covid Unit *  (Adult Language)     --Another song written during the pandemic….at a time when the virus was not under                                                                                    control and too many  people were taking chances…or in denial …Think of The Drive By                                                                          Truckers. 

James    --Another sparse, confessional song critical of the self-centered, ‘me first’ attitude so many in society have today. 

The War    --A song about the unspoken trauma of war…and the effect that they have on the men, and women, who served. Prine                         song attempt #2 

Miss June     --A song based on the tragedy of  people who died alone due to Covid restrictions in the early part of the pandemic….                             Prine song attempt #3 

Preacher     --Another sparse folky breakup song in the style of Justin Townes Earle. 

Memorial Day     --A song written on Memorial Day, which honors those veterans who died in service….and how their stories are                                      slowly forgotten.  Prine song attempt #4 

Baby Got Drunk       --A group sing along style song with a loose,  edgy feel….kind of rough and rowdy, in a fun sort of way.                                                      Believe it or not, this is the lightest song on the album 

Twine       --Another song about loss, and surviving loss, written in the style of John Prine as a tribute to him. It was written the                             day after his death due to Covid. Prine song attempt #5 

All Girls Break Hearts      --A soft, empty song dealing with broken relationships and the bleakness that follows….accented by
haunting fiddle


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