"Jeb Barry, is arguably New England’s finest contemporary songwriting talent, blessed with a rare ability to shine a welcome spotlight on some of the darker aspects of the American dream via some of the most arresting material that you could ever wish to hear..." ” - Kevin Bryan

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Pawn Shop Saints

"...hard dirt Americana..."

Sparse, melodic Americana 


 Who Are The Pawn Shop Saints?

Band Bio 

U.S. based Pawn Shop Saints, led by critically acclaimed songwriter Jeb Barry, plays sparse, weary, hard dirt Americana....think of a combination of Steve Earle, Jason Isbell, Drive By Truckers..and maybe a little John Prine ...see more below

The Pawn Shop Saints are… 

    Jeb Barry: songs, lead vocals, guitar, bass, resonator, banjo 
     Josh Pisano: drums, vocals, percussion
      Alan Taylor - keyboards

    Mike O’Neill: guitar, backing vocals       Amy Attias: fiddle       Tony Pisano  accordion   

The band is currently back in the studio recording songs for a new releases, to be called 45 American Lies… So stay tuned for upcoming videos and other treats….and hopefully some European shows, if there’s interest 


Milltown           2016  (Jeb’s solo record) #23 on the Euro-Americans charts 
Texas, etc..      2018  #3 on the Euro-Americans charts/3 months on the charts 
ordinary folks   2020   #15 on the Euro-Americans charts/3 months on the charts 
Ride My Galaxy  2022   #16 on the Euro-Americans charts/3 months on the charts 
Weeds    2023
45 American Lies  coming soon


Jeb Barry 
Songs, lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, resonator 

The driving force behind the band since its inception 10 years ago, Jeb is the songwriter and style visionary of the group. A prolific songwriter, Jeb Barry has written over 5000 songs that roam through all styles of music. Jeb is a regular performer in Nashville, especially at the Bluebird Café, and has over a dozen songs published though Washington Street Publishing in Nashville.. 

His songs have been compared countless times to the likes of Steve Earle, Jason Isbell and Townes Van Zandt,  ….sparse, weary songs of the darker side of life… for what of a better description…Americana at its simplest, and finest. Jeb also handles most of the producing and recoding duties as well. Jeb first gained major label (Gary Gersh/Cindi Peters at DGC) attention  in the last 1980's and early 1990's in the power pop group The Typicals. 

Josh Pisano   Drums, percussion 
The only other constant on all of the releases has been drummer Josh Pisano. This time, he also assisted in production of the new songs. He also has been rock solid during the live shows, few as they been during the pandemic. 

Alan Taylor     keyboards and vocals     
Alan added his keyboard talents to Ride My Galaxy and will apprear on the new album

Mike O’Neill    Acoustic guitar, backing vocals 
Multi-instrumentalist was unavailable for most of the recording, but added vocals and acoustic guitars to a couple of the new songs. 

Tony Pisano  accordion  
Yes, he is Josh’s dad…another multi-instrumentalist who has added his accordion skills to many local folk, Irish, rock, and contra bands and project. 

"…Jeb Barry is one of those singer-songwriters that could have been sitting around the dining room table with Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Larry Jon Wilson and all the rest of them in Heartworn Highway...  "     
Paul Jackson Fatea Magazine UK


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1.  Jeb Barry: lead vocals ,acoustic  guitar....will supply mic and Fisher Spectrum DI 

2.  Josh Pisano: drums, no vocals 

3. guitar 

4. bass 

Will supply all back line except PA 

Frontline should consist of two monitors minimum. 

If the venue is unable to provide any of the equipment above, please contact jeb@jebbarry.com  so we can coordinate other arrangements. 


LInks to songs for reference: https://soundcloud.com/jebbarry

Bootleg Videos