Orange Flag Music (Netherlands)  (3.5 stars)
"....not a moment of boredom and not a moment that I want to click the skip button....I am first in line when it comes to the music of The Pawn Shop Saints.....This band knows how to deliver and does it in a great way. ..."

 FATEA Magazine  -   Mike Davies 
 " a cocktail of Wilco, the Stones and the Dead... never fails to keep in top gear throughout...."

Americana-UK   7/10  April 20, 2022    Peter Churchill   "...‘Ride My Galaxy’ is album number three for The Pawn Shop Saints and the fact that there is a confidence and maturity running through the heart of the album should come as no surprise when Barry’s prolific past is factored in. Americana for grown-ups then but, and here’s a whole new can of worms, isn’t it always?..."

Morning Star - Review  (4 Stars)  21.3.22  Kevin Bryan  syndicated reviewer   
    "...Ride My Galaxy is a little more wide-ranging and expansive than its critically acclaimed 2020 predecessor, Ordinary Folks, which spent three months on the Euro American charts, and this eagerly anticipated follow-up should enjoy a similar fate in the near future...."


Alan McCay’s Review (4 stars) - Music Riot       "a fascinating album...all held together by great songwriting and Jeb Barry’s voice."

Scottish Daily Express  (4 Stars) May 5th   "Their Americana and country rock wil immediately bring to mind early Wilco lapbums like AM and Being Their..."

Folk & Tumble - (Ireland)   2.5.22  . (3 stars) - By Damian McNairney  "...At times there are distinct similarities to the early Wilco sound, with the vocal sounding like Jeff Tweedy. On songs such as the plaintive ‘Stop Breaking your Heart’ and the world-weary ‘Too low for Tupelo’ Jed’s cracked emotive tone really hits home....The Pawn Shop Saints are very much a band on the rise...."

 Blues Blues - 27.4.22   "... classic Americana...echoes of The Rolling Stones...Wilco...Lou Reed.."

 Gaesteliste (Germany)    "...Ballads, rock, folk songs, country, a pinch of blues - everything is there, which gives joy to fans of rootsy US sounds. Of course, the fact that Jeb's voice has something of the hoarse/brittle timbre of Jeff Tweedy doesn't bother us in this context"

Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands) - 29.4.22   Jaks Schuit    "...Eleven songs and too many beautiful moments in thirty-seven minutes and seventeen seconds to mention in a review... It would be nice if The Pawn Shop Saints would make music on the stages in the Netherlands. Ride My Galaxy is a more than beautiful announcement for a fantastic evening. "

 Written in Music   (4 stars) (Netherlands) - 26.4.22  by Cis van Looy   "...The Pawn Shop Saints' third full-length is undoubtedly a revelation..." 

Americana Roundup by Michael Hingston - Country Music People - May 2022 (print-only) "...spares...but the warmth of the live feel comes though..."

Rootstime (Belgium) - April 2022   "...beautiful vocal harmonies... I can confirm that after many listens, it is very radio-friendly. ..."

 Paris Move  (5 stars)  " ...hushed arrangements and its “Laurel Canyon in the early seventies”, yet another record that will be of use to you."

Roots in April - Spirit Rocks (The Spirit of Progressive Rock) - 30.3.22   "...compared to Steve Earle, Jason Isbell and Townes Van Zandt…sparse, weary songs of the darker side of life…

Bluestown Music (Netherlands) - 25.3.22   "If you like fragile, tormented Americana, without too much fuss, I can wholeheartedly recommend this album by the Pawn Shop Saints...."

Lone Star Times (Italy)   Remo Ricaldone  "...This record grows exponentially with listening and easily enters the heart of those who appreciate American and alt-country..."

Alt-Country NL   (4/5 stars)

Whisperin and Hollerin – (7/10 stars)
"...., the Pawn Shop Saints can still be relied upon to spread the world weariness around so you can sing along..."