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Praise for WEEDS 

… Barry is arguably New England’s finest contemporary songwriting talent, blessed with a rare ability to shine a welcome spotlight on some of the darker aspects of the American dream…”  
     Kevin Bryan/syndicated -172 National World newspapers/Europe 

“…. songs that could become classics. In twenty years ‘Miss June’ may be introduced as something discovered by Allen Lomax in some holler.  More importantly it captures a pivotal moment in the 21st. century…” 
     Michael Macy/ Americana UK 

"....A wry, painful, raw, very personal and extremely impressive album by the Pawn Shop Saints!..."  Bluetown Music 2 (Netherlands) 

 “…the album is one of glorious precision, of striving for a new groove without abandoning what has given the audience a sense of adoration.… 
     Ian Hall/Liverpool Sound and Vision  (UK) 

“…In eleven vignettes as direct as they are soberly arranged, Barry and his friends strike at the heart as much as at the mind…” 
     Patrick Dallongeville/Paris Move (France) 

“…The songs are beautifully constructed.. There are many fascinating stories…. with arrangements that rely on feel and skill rather than power and clever studio techniques…” 
     Allan McKay/Music Riot (UK) 

“…This isn’t an album to cheer you up, that’s for sure but it shows Barry’s wonderful observations on human feelings….with echo of Big Star and elements of The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash…” 
     BluesBlues (UK) 

“…The album may be called Weeds, but these are prize blooms indeed….”   
      Mike Davies/FATEA (UK) 

“… great songs served up right… mesmerizing slices of life.”   
       Roy Peak/ The Rocking Magpie  (UK) 

 “…sparse, weary songs from the darker side of life, the Pawn Shop Saints exemplify Americana at its simplest and finest….” 
      Bluestown Music (Netherlands) 

“…There is no doubting Jeb Barry’s ability to write a memorable song and this collection will speak to many in    terms of his honest and open rumination on the human condition…”
      Lonesome Highway (Ireland) 

"…The personal nature of these (songs)  is absolutely shining through. ..Barry is a wonderful storyteller. 
     Andy Thorley/Maximum Volume Music 

“…the dark sides of American society in beautiful song work…” 
      Cis van Looy /Written In Music   (Netherlands)

“…An album to penetrate its thematic complexity that will reserve emotions and involvement to those who will leave their hearts open to these ballads…” 
     Remo Ricaldone/Lonestar Times   (Italy)

"…a special, homogeneous record, with which Jeb Barry more than convincingly demonstrates that a song does not necessarily have to have a recognizable chorus to drill into your head..."
     Rootstime (Belgium) 

“…If you’ve exhausted your Drive-By Truckers back catalogue but need a further fix of Southern country-folk with a smart dose of edgy realism, look no further …”
     Scottish Daily Express 

“…a great success, where spontaneity and emotion dominate….
        Sam Pierre/Du Côté de Chez Sam  (France)