ordinary folks

The Pawn Shop Saints

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Available on all streaming and downloading services, cd, and a damn good chance on vinyl in January 2021. 

The new Pawn Shop Saints album ordinary folks, is 9 songs of ordinary, and maybe not so ordinary, people, and is the follow-up to 2018’s double album (and Euro Americana #3 charting) texas, etc… 

Two years ago Jeb wrote 50 songs in 50 days while traveling  south and Appalachian sections of the US, including three he wrote in a Nashville hotel room. 

“I have spent years driving around the eastern half of the country, especially to the Carolina’s and to Nashville, trying to become a respected musician. (Not sure I’ve accomplished this yet LOL) I began pulling off the interstates to hit the small towns where ordinary people live. You can drive a couple of miles and find other world, mostly small towns with non-brand name convenient stores, bars and chicken joints.” 

“ I found myself interacting with the people that live there more and more, and found out that I was too quick to judge them as less than the hard working folks they were. Most were just ordinary folks trying to get through life’s hard times. These people are reflected in songs such as “Southern Mansions: and “You Don’t Know The Cumberland” . I then found myself writing about the similarities we all have, and not so much focusing on the differences.” 

Recording began last summer, but was shelved to record an ep (unreleased..look for a 2021 release) 

Then an eye injury  to Jeb halted recording for a few months, and the covid pandemic shut down the studio with 90% of the album completed. Recording was finished once restrictions eased, but only one person was allowed in the studio at a time, which made for slow going. And unfortunately some guest musicians had to be scratched due to health concerns.

Praise for ordinary folks.....

"....ordinary folks," showcases the excellent New England trio at their most compelling... "
Kevin Bryan  Kevin’s reviews are syndicated to up to approx. 90 other regional UK newspaper

At The Barrier    John Barlass
Rootsy Americana combo, The Pawn Shop Saints, reappraise Trumpland and offer empathy and praise....
...Make no mistake, the songs we have here are exceptional...an album that will be enjoyed for years to come.
Full Review

The Rocking Magpie    Roy Peak

     "...World Weary Minimalist Country Songs.... “ordinary folks” lives, cut like a knife...With a good eye
     for detail and a perfect voice for melancholy (Barry’s vocal chords fire up in a similar way as
     does Paul Westerberg’s..."
     “New Year’s Eve, Somewhere in the Midwest” could be a Country Cousin to the songs on
      Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. Full Review

Maximum Volume - Rating 9/10

     "...These songs are for us….you can see exactly why Barry has been compared to Jason Isbell...
Dry River Song” would have many an Americana artist getting very excited. To be truthful, not
     many of them could have made this record
. To do that takes a rare talent, one that the four
     men here clearly have.   Full Review

Rootstime    Dani Heyvaert 
     “…I dare to call this “a great little record”…” Full Review

MusicRiot  UK
     "...“Ordinary Folks” is a grainy black and white photo of life in the towns after the vultures have
        picked the bones clean and moved on
Full Review

LonesomeHighway.com   Stephen Rapid
    “…rewarding and restorative…” Lonesong Highway      

Roots In November   David Pearson

      “…It’s gritty, it’s bleak, it’s totally Americana…"    Full Review 
Lonestar Time   Remo Ricaldone           Italy
     “…melancholy, mystery and 'dark' storytelling which is a bit characteristic of the Deep South..." 
          Full Review

Paris-Move    Patrick Dallongeville
    “…the Pawn Shop Saints paint a striking portrait of an America ..an album as woody as the landscapes
          and characters that inspired it.…” Full Review 

The People of the Blues Michele Manzotti  
     “…excellent songwriting…” Full Review

     "...wonderful storytelling..." Full Review


Keys and Chords     Marino Serdons 
     “…the hard life, put to melody …” Full Review

Country Music & Dance in Scotland      Stewart Fenwick -
     “…an album of simple observations…” Full Review  

Music Web News   4/5 Stars Andy Snipper
      “…Ultimately this is an uncomfortable view of America but played brilliantly and observed with care
            and heart…”   Full Review

Country Music People magazine  December 2020  Americana Roundup by Michael Hingston
      “…The finished article was worth the effort and the wait…”  Magazine Link 

Ruta 66  Eloy Pérez
     "...A work that contains much more substance than it seems at first glance. …the little details, the
     lyrics and the stories behind each song end up catching you...." Full Review

Written In Music      4/5 stars     
Cis Van Looy
Another impressive piece of work by a gifted songsmith..."   Full Review