The new album "45 American Lies" is out everywhere now!!!


Americana-UK   9/10 Stars  Michael Macey
“…This may be one of the best auditory tours of contemporary America you could find.  …”

The Rocking Magpie      Alan Magpie 
“…Beautiful, Bleak and Heartfelt Americana Of The Most Intimate Fashion… the very definition of Americana Music in 2024….”

Liverpool Sound and Vision -     8.5/10 Stars     Ian Hall
“….the end the result is one of class, not a moment wasted, not a filler to be found….There is after all nothing wrong with singling out the candour and honesty of admiration, and as tracks such as “Liverpool”, “Suburbs”, “Badly Drawn”, “Repo Man”, “Iowa”, “Next Door Girl”, and “The Devil’s Knee” all catch the ear intently…”

FATEA Magazine        Mike Davies
“…many diamonds in the mine…… the raw truth, hurt, emotion and humanity is undiminished from start to end….”

Music Riot      4/5 Stars         Alan McKAy
"…if you like quality Americana, then you’ll find something for you in this collection...the common factors are Jeb Barry’s classic songwriting and his high lonesome voice"

At The Barrier     John Barless
 “….45 American Lies is a monster.  Like every ‘triple’ album, it takes patience to work through it, but exercise that patience and it will be rewarded.”

Three Chords and the Truth UK   
"…This project of brave ingenuity does create a stir and raise the eyebrows before ultimately settling as an interesting and fulfilling body of work…”

Blues Blues UK
“…(Jeb's songwriting )is the epitome of American… searing lyrical commentary …he’s a keen commentator of society …”

Progressive Rock -Roots In March   UK   David Pearson
“…an epic almost spontaneous undertaking….are sparse, weary songs from the darker side of life, exemplifying Americana at its simplest and finest”


45 American Lies


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Texas, etc…   #3 on the Euro Americana charts/3 months total
ordinary folks    #16 on the Euro Americana charts/3 months total 
RideMyGalaxy #9 on the Euro Americana charts/3 months total

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